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Here's the collection of our legal articles written by our legal experts. These publications covers various of legal topics and practical legal advice that we trust is useful for your business.

New Precedent on Statutory Limitation On Time for Gov's Tax Claim

New Precedent on Statutory Limitation On Time for Gov's Tax Claim
and 150% Special Tax Deduction for Machinery Investment 2020

As appeared in Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Edition October 2020.

The landmark Supreme Court Judgment practically changes the statutory limitation on time on Government's claim for income tax from 5 to 10 yrs (Supreme Court Judgment No. 4546/2561)

Thailand's New Work Permit Law

Thailand's New Work Permit Law
Many foreign residents in Thailand have long familiar with the work permit law and understood that in order for any non-citizen to work legally in Thailand,
a foreigner has to obtain work permit - without it he will in be trouble.

This article explains in greater details the Thailand's New Work Permit Law amended since 2018 that many foreign communities are not well aware of or clearly understood.

Transfer Pricing Transfer Pricing
As appeared in Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Edition November 2018.

The National Legislative Assembly passed the Bill Amending the Revenue to introduce transfer pricing law (the gBillh). The Bill imposes a couple new requirements on a related transaction, which is a business transaction between two related legal entities. This article provides more details on these requirements.
Thailand to Treat Foreigner Better Special Privileges for ASEAN Investors in Thailand
As the country members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations launches the ASEAN Economic Community ("AEC") on December 31, 2015, Thailand has already committed itself to open the market to ASEAN investors in certain types of business. Find out the special privileges Thailand has to offer in this legal article.
Thailand to Treat Foreigner Better Thailand to Treat Foreigner Better under Foreign Workers Act's New Interpretation
Thailand has been regulating foreign workers for decades to protect Thai workers under the umbrella of the Foreign Workers Act, B.E. 2551. Apparently there is an issue with the current (broad) interpretation of the "work" under the Act that poses potential abuse against foreigners in Thailand. Until recently, the Department of Employment has sought clarification on such interpretation, which results in a fresh perspective of the "work" and therefore, a better treatment for foreigners in Thailand. This article explains how foreigners in Thailand can be benefited from the new, narrow interpretation of the Act.
Amendment to Guarantee Law Amendment to Guarantee Law Diminishes the Legal Value of Your Guarantee
Guarantee law has recently been amended to give extra protection to a debtor, which in turn could seriously undermine the effectiveness of a bank guarantee. In light with this amendment, itfs never been more urgent to review your collateral arrangement with all of your contractors than now.
Reduce Taxes with Special Business Tax Exemption
Dear Taxpayers: Good days! Be aware that the Government just recently introduced a Royal Decree that can make you an SBT exempt. So, save your money now! Here's how your tax planning strategis can legally reduce your taxes and ultimately fatten your profit.

Debt Settlement & Tax Consequence
You have reached the point where the customer seems to have a good faith to repay the bills under the settlement agreement. How exactly the debt settlement works? What should we note during the period of negotiation and settlement? What if the customer still wonft pay? This article provides guidance on legal aspects of the debt settlement and its tax-related implications.

How to Collect Unpaid Bill in Thailand
You have delivered the goods or services, sent the invoice expecting the (on time) payment, but after waiting and waiting and waiting, the customer still has not paid the bill. This kind of case happens too often, and worse, many customers simply ignore the outstanding bills. What can be done to collect those unpaid bills and, more specifically how Thai law governs the debt collection issue?

This Article was also published in Advance - the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce Edition June 2013 (click here)
Dealing with Floods from Legal Perspective
As the year end of 2011 is approaching, Thailand, in particular Bangkok, is facing the worst flooding in decades. Major industrial estates located on the outskirts of Bangkok have been inundated by a large amount of water flowing from the north of Thailand, effectively cutting the critical supply chains from the rest of the world.

While the crisis is definitely far from over as of today, the companies facing this crisis may want to take a look at how to remedy the situation from the legal perspectives.
Foreign Business Law
In July 2011 as the Democratic Administration prepared to leave the office,
foreign business law became an issue again in the telecommunication industry.
As a matter of fact, during the same period, the Facts Investigation Working Penal of the Department of Business Development announced the conclusion of its investigation on foreign business law malpractice. In light with these events, perhaps it is a good time to revisit foreign business law.
Partnership Fallout - Part 2: Winning the Shareholder Dispute
Consider the case where a dispute has erupted,
here's the critical question: what should a shareholder do?

Getting Around Foreign Land Ownership Restriction
Liberal interpretation of condominium law pays way for foreign buyers
to legally acquire piece of land in Thailand

Partnership Fallout: Undesirable Journey of JV Company
Shareholder dispute is tearing a company apart.
Learn common grounds that often spark shareholder disputes and
get ready before a serious problem arises.

Security Money Must Be Returned To Tenant Within 7 Days
upon Expiration or Termination of The Lease

When involved in a residential lease, one should be cautious of
this piece of subordinate legislation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Getting Away with It - Thai Tax Free Exchange for Residential Property
was published in the Property Report Magazine Edition September 2009

When it comes to tax planning for property investment in Thailandfs residential market,one of the important aspects to consider is how to minimize the tax payable on capital gain when selling of the property. The liability to pay the tax on capital gain from the sale of the property may leave the decision on such investment unsettled. The big question remains: is there any generous tax break available in town? We have good tax news for you.



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